Taking Serious Bites

11 01 2013

Being a Foodie can be overwhelming for your wallet and your caloric intake but it can be the saving grace for your taste buds in a world fueled by fast food. Foodies are often seen by others as pretentious and sometimes obnoxious. This doesn’t have to be the case! Delicious morsels can be found in all sorts of places, from dive bars to five stars. Some places to check out on a budget are:

French Quarter Bistro: The entire menu is wonderful! Creole fusion.. absolutely try the fried pickle and crawfish bisque!

The Pickering Creek Inn: Stop by on a Thursday for $2 tacos and try some Wild Boar! Also, Tuesday is half priced pizza… the Mac & Cheese pizza will knock you off your bar stool! Make sure you also try the Bourbon Wings, Aaron’s secret recipe will tantalize tastebuds.

Tiger’s II: The pumpkin pancakes are to die for and healthy too! Made with whole wheat and flaxseed

Soltane Bakery: Try the olive bread… make sure to buy two! One for instant gratification and a second to look forward to. Dip in some extra virgin olive oil and enjoy with a glass of wine!





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