The Things We Thought We Knew (Mindless babel)

20 08 2012


With the elapse of time comes change. It seems as though things that should be concrete, unwavering, are being falsified. Yes, seasons change, people die, new discoveries are made, but when does change make you question everything you ever learned.  Some things we were just lied to about because for some reason grown-ups think it is better to lie, sugar coat, and then when the kids figure it out, deny, deny, deny. Consequently, we are being taught on a subconscious level that lying is OK! Tsk, tsk… This is where my mom would say, “the big DUH!” (Her way of shaking her head or refuting something you are telling her she doesn’t like without arguing.) Why lie at all? Over the past years kids have quickly stopped being treated like kids and are now carrying around $600 iphones, dressing like hookers before puberty and entering into world wars on videogames with intense graphics. Just a short 12 years ago the only violence you willingly engaged in was a game of Survivor where the worst that happened to you was getting pegged by a Koosh ball and bruised; or sports of some nature. Now kids are running Special Ops and seeing the glorification of war. When did it become fun? Bob Dylan said Times are a changin’ but I don’t think he envisioned this.

Let’s start with basics: Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, I mean, really? So, now there are only 8 planets in our solar system. I guess I can adjust to that (I feel bad for Pluto though, being cut out like that, so rude). Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the backbone of all modern Physics, is faulty… But that man was a GENIUS! There aren’t enough of them to start going around dismantling the very perch on which they’re placed. How about St. Patrick’s Day, do people realize good ol’ St. Paddy hated the Irish? I mean, understandably so, considering he was from the U.K. and kidnapped by Irish gypsies who sold him into slavery (but fuck the British, payback is a bitch). The simple truth that the Irish hate the damn Brits, rightfully so, more than anything makes me wonder why they have a religious observance of the man that thieved Gaelic beliefs and “saved” the Irish with his missionary crap. “Let’s get drunkkkk.” Good job; leave it to Americans to mess that all up. And thank God they can’t prove Jesus wrong; cause faith is solid ground to walk on. It’s like walking on water, except unlike magical Jesus; we drown pulling stunts like that. Flailing like morons as we fail to keep our heads above water. It’s too bad that the Christ-like figured head of Penn State football thought he could stand up to the challenge, but he’s sinking faster than all of us; an accessory to the criminal investigation of a CHILD MOLESTER. And students, acting like children on a temper tantrum, are rioting in the streets; I guess they didn’t read the news articles. Or maybe this is like the crucifixion for Joe Pa… I don’t think he’ll rise again in three days though. He took the path of Punctious Pilot, trying to wash his hands clean. Now he’s dead.