week one

22 01 2012

Gary Vaynerchuk’s video Do What You Love was really interesting. His enthusiasm for people to stop doing what they hate and fill their time with something that truly drives them was inspiring. In a world run by money and circumstance, it is sometimes almost impossible to get a career that you enjoy. That is, unless you are willing to let go of the materialism that media has worked so hard to shove down our throats.


Digital Writing

In the Web 2.0 article it is said that writing with digital tools enhance cooperative skills, tap into higher order thinking skills, broaden the classroom, increase student motivation and capitalize on the digital nature world of students. I agree that it capitalizes on the modern students innate abilities to work digitally. It also broadens the classroom in the respect that there are more resources available, but most have computers at home on which to explore and attention in the classroom should be directed to learning more concretely. I don’t think it necessarily facilitates motivation, but rather leads to distraction and unhelpful multitasking. Also, multitasking hinders the ability to do deep thinking because one is inundated with a multitude of thoughts rather than focusing intently on one particular idea. If you stretch yourself too thin you only cover the surface, but so much remains in the depths below.




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