Hey there hi th…

20 01 2012

Hey there hi there ho there!

My name is Jen Schratz. I am a bibliophile and a technophobe.

I’m a super senior at Temple University. I’ll (hopefully) graduate in Spring 2013 with a double major in Linguistic Anthropology and English: Creative Writing. I’m also going for a minor in Philosophy and a Writing Certificate. (I like to torture myself, obviously.)

I love to read all varieties of literature (minus twilight and detective novels). Kurt Vonnegut, Hermann Hesse, Jean-Paul Sartre, T.S. Eliot, George Orwell, Earnest Hemingway, Ralph-Waldo Emerson and Noam Chomsky are among my favorite writers. I am enchanted with the art of writing and like to dabble in poetry, short fiction, playwriting, travel writing and critical essays.

Satisfying My Interests Online

For the latest in Science…

The Epoch Times

Astronomy & Space

Travel Writing Tips & Blogs…

Matador Network

For Dry Wit and Free-thinking on Culture…

More Intelligent Life

AD Busters

For Current Affairs…


Alex Jones’ Info Wars

Al Jazeera

Webster Griffin Tarpley




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